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Tank bag from the module kit "MODULO" (only to use with TAB-TRADITIONAL or TAB-MAGNET)

The completely by nylon produced tank bag MODULO TANK points with a straightforward and pleasing design. This bag is part of a travel solution as a modular system (rear bag MODULO TAIL and back pack MODULO TRACK) and can be interlinked in different variations.

So you can get more than 70 litres capacity in the largest expansion, if appropriate further 20 litres by MODULO TRACK. The detachable shoulder straps enable the bag to be carried comfortably away from the bike. Two patch pockets on the sides, a waterproof removable inside pocket and the elasic pleat (+4 litres) complete the well thought out equipment.

For using this tank bag you need mandatory the plug-in "TAB-TRADITIONAL" (for use on tank covers or system EASY) or "TAB-MAGNET" (for use as magnetic tank bag on tanks made of steel). If this doesn't yet exist, please order the plug-in by the options at the top of this page!

TAB-Traditional oder/or TAB-MAGNET



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