The 'SPIDER' rear seat bag is suitable for almost any motorbike. A highly elastic expander ring has a total of 6 plastic D-rings on wide nylon straps, which are perfect for fitting it to the rear seat. The detailed assembly instructions (see more information), refer to the flexible mounting options for any type of seat. To ensure that the bag is securely mounted, only four fasteners are needed, so it’s not necessary to use all of the D-rings to keep it in place.
Once you’ve found the best possible way to fix the bag, it’s then easy to do over and over again in a matter of seconds. Adjustable nylon straps and the expanders are included in with the bag to enable you to fit it easily. The whole system can stay in place on your motorbike for the duration of your trip.
The bag itself has a basic volume of 15 liters which can be expanded up to 23 liters. The design of the bag therefore enables you to fit your helmet in it too. The bag is easily accessible from the front and there is a pocket outside which is great for things that need to be on hand immediately. On the top, there is a spider-shaped strap, which can, for example, hold a waterproof suit.


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SPIDER black

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