Hang up, snap in, ready!

A brilliant luggage system goes into the next round; BAGLOCKER transforms into LOCK'N START. With this revolutionary step Bagster® developed the egg-laying woolly milk sow in 2020 and advances to the "Lord of the Rings". With only one single INTERFACE we can handle now more than 96% of all current bikes and many more from the eighties and nineties as well!


The different bolt circles of the filler necks have previously forced us to mount different types of BAGLOCKER fixing rings (PLUGS). The list of different types was long and confusing and never reached completeness.

The LOCK'N START base (INTERFACE) takes the right turn now! The inner circle with its notches makes this system so ingenious. And for all the fans of our traditional tank covers, LOCK'N START is usable with tank covers as well.

In less than a second you are able to fix any listed tank bag! Extra strong magnets situated inside the INTERFACE and in the base plate of the tank bag pull the bag exactly to the right position. Life can be so easy!