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BAGSTER® backpack and (!) universal tank bag to use on tank cover, using the 'EASY ROAD' system or as a magnetic tank bag. Please take note of the application list in the article description of your tank cover.

Nostalgia at its best


The new 'ASTON' model combines the full functionality of a 'normal' backpack with a tank backpack and looks really up-to-date and with the times due to it being made of CORDURA and its cognac-coloured PVC. The main part of this backpack meets any business carrying case requirements and the special divisions as well as inner and outer pockets enable quick and easy access through a zip on the side, e.g. great for storing a tablet or notebook.

'ASTON' can be used with 'TAB-TRADI' or 'TAB-MAGNET' both with tank covers and the ‘EASY ROAD’ system as well as being a magnetic tank bag. When worn on your back, the wide, ergonomically shaped and removable straps, along with extra padding, and additional chest and stomach straps, provides all the comfort and security you need.

Bitte wählen Sie die gewünschte Befestigungsmethode (traditionelle Clipbefestigung oder Magnetbefestigung) über die Optionen aus.

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